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Could Djinn Be Behind Most Paranormal Phenomena?

By Jeremy D. Wells Among most folks in the western world, ghosts, UFOs, and cryptids are each a separate type of phenomenon. Hauntings are caused by the spirits of dead people. UFOs are craft from another world. Cryptids, like Bigfoot and sea serpents, represent undocumented wild animals. However in the Islamic world, and places influenced by their cultures, all of these various encounters could be attributed to a single entity – the djinn. In her classic treatise on the subject, Demons, Devils, and Djinn , Olga Hoyt states that the very name, djinn, “means ‘covert’ or ‘darkness.’” The djinn – plural of djinnee, where we get the idea of the genie in a magic lamp – are not angels or demons. They are a separate creation, made by God from smokeless fire, according to various resources. Though usually invisible to human eyes, the djinn are capable of taking on any form they choose, but are especially fond, according to Hoyt, of “those of snakes, lizards, and scorpions.”  Read more here.