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Raji: An Ancient Epic

Exploring the myths and legends of India Some games are hard to put down. You know you have work to do. You know you have limited time to finish it. But you want to try just one more time to take down that boss before you take a break.  Raji: An Ancient Epic is one of those games. Available now on the Nintendo Switch , and launching later this year on other major platforms , Raji is one of the more compelling button smashers I've played in a while. It tells the story of our eponymous hero, the acrobat Raji, and her brother Golu, a puppeteer. The carnival performers are in the midst of celebrating the feast of Rakhsha Bandhan when the story Golu has been telling, about the rise and  fall of a race of demons, comes to life. Golu, wearing a demon mask to startle the other children watching his puppet show, finds himself swept up by actual demons who are stealing away the children for an as yet unnamed purpose. It's then that our heroine is chosen by the goddess Durga to fight t

Shooterific fun

Battle Planet – Judgement Day a fun and challenging rogue-lite shooter Sometimes you want a deep story in a video game. Sometimes you want a challenging puzzle. And sometimes, well, sometimes you just want to shoot things and watch them blow up. If that's what you're looking for Battle Planet – Judgement Day – a twin stick shooter, top down, rogue-lite – delivers in spades. The game isn't hard to grasp, but it does take time to master. Different game modes require the player to wipe out all the enemies on the screen, fend off enemies while defusing bombs before they can blow up a significant portion of the plant, or to beat bosses at the end of a planet level. Along the way you pick up various power-ups and weapon mods that can help you stay ahead of enemies or wipe them out in large swathes of death and destruction.  Boss fights are how you unlock new characters, like the Spy. The level-end boss fights, which pit you against various types of new and unique enemies while a

"A Total War Saga: Troy" Free today only

  For the next 24 hours you can get A Total War Saga: Troy for free from the Epic Games Store . The PC version of the game doesn't have an ESRB rating listed on the game page, but other games in the series have a rating of "T" for Teen. If you've enjoyed other games in the Total War strategy game series, this one - regularly priced at $49.99 - is probably worth checking out at the low price of FREE .  In addition, Epic also has their regular Thursday freebies up today. Remnant: From the Ashes is an "M" for Mature rated action shooter, with co-op or single player game play, from developer Gunfire Games and publisher Perfect World, while their other freebie, The Alto Collection , from developer Team Alto and publisher Snowman, is rated "E" for Everyone.  The Alto Collection bundles Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey , two snowboarding themed Indie adventure/endless runner games that have garnered a lot of attention in their mobile versi

Adam's Venture: Origins

A family friendly adventure game Sometimes it seems like it's difficult to impossible to find a game that you can find compelling for you, as an adult, and that you don't mind having your kids watch you play, or allowing them to play. I mean, sure, there are the classic platformers for Nintendo featuring a well-known pair of Italian plumber brothers, and the adventures of a certain blue track-star hedgehog who zips around like he's had one too many espresso shots. The Lego games are good for some family couch co-op – and the ones based on popular film franchises give you a fun take on those stories. But even those games have some elements of violence, be it smashing sentient mushrooms underfoot or – literally – knocking the block off a Lego enemy. Sure, there are puzzle games and rhythm games and racing games, but if you want something with a bit of a story line, they're even worse than the E rated platformers.  So, what if I told you there was a game that could appeal