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Procrastination is funny

I thought I'd write a post about it, but instead I'm going to take a shower and go to bed, and maybe sleep on it and think it over first. Yeah. Check back later.

Get Games, Support Racial Justice

You've got 6 days to get in on this one.  The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality over at indie game marketplace  is getting a lot of love from developers, and growing in leaps and bounds. When I bought the bundle yesterday you could get 742 games for $5 from a long list of developers. This evening, that number has grown to over a thousand games. Technically, it's at 1,427 "items" - "items" because not everything in the bundle is a game. There are art assets in here too, and game engines, among other tools to help you build your own game, as well as digital tools for tabletop RPGs. But with 1,427 "items" (and possibly more growth as more creators contribute), there's bound to be something you find interesting. And, your $5 - or more, if you're feeling generous - will go toward two good causes. All money raised in the project will be split evenly between the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and Community Bail Fund  f

So, I'm starting a newspaper...

Technically, my partner and I are starting a newspaper . Along with raising our one-year-old son and her ten-year-old son, and buying a new home. Oh, and she recently started a new job in telehealth that turned up to 11 shortly after she started, when the covid-19 crisis made telehealth and distance treatment a new priority for her organization. So yeah, the timing seems perfect, don't you think? I'm probably crazy. We're probably crazy. We're starting a print newspaper. At a time when everyone says print is dead, and more people are consuming their news media online, and already razor thin profit margins are even thinner as businesses just begin to return to something approaching normal after the closure of non-essential businesses and they may not have the same advertising budgets. Genius move on our part, right!?! The thing is, this is important. It's more important than the money (and we need to make the money back, don't doubt it or undervalue its impor