Get Games, Support Racial Justice

You've got 6 days to get in on this one. 
The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality over at indie game marketplace is getting a lot of love from developers, and growing in leaps and bounds. When I bought the bundle yesterday you could get 742 games for $5 from a long list of developers.
This evening, that number has grown to over a thousand games. Technically, it's at 1,427 "items" - "items" because not everything in the bundle is a game. There are art assets in here too, and game engines, among other tools to help you build your own game, as well as digital tools for tabletop RPGs. But with 1,427 "items" (and possibly more growth as more creators contribute), there's bound to be something you find interesting. And, your $5 - or more, if you're feeling generous - will go toward two good causes. All money raised in the project will be split evenly between the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and Community Bail Fund for protesters and activists.
So far they've raised over $3,500,000 toward their $5,000,000 goal. That's not an insignificant amount of money, already. But if you want to add your $5 to the pot, check it out. And, there's no need to wait until the last minute to get the best bang for your buck. All new titles, programs and assets added to the bundle will be credited to the accounts of everyone who has contributed, no matter when they pitch in.
Yesterday it was 742 games, today it's over 1400.
There are no Steam keys in here, so if you want these games you have to download them from, but that's not really a problem. The website will let you download the game as many time as you need to, for any of the available platforms. Most of the games are playable on Windows PCs, but there are game files for Mac, Linux, and Android platforms too. The Android files might be especially attractive to folks who are still side-loading games to old Android consoles like the Amazon FireTV gaming models or OUYA. I know, at least, that I'm planning on spending some rainy weekend scrolling through the offerings in this bundle and seeing what I can get to play on my favorite little Android cube, checking to see if any of the Linux offerings are light enough to run on a Raspberry Pi (you just know some of them are) and generally setting up and testing a whole bunch of games, only half of which I'll ever play, if I'm lucky.
And I'm not very lucky.
But I'll have fun tinkering!
Check out this bundle, though. It's a good cause. It's a great way to contribute. And there really is something for everyone (I spotted at least one game with a trans protagonist as I scrolled through), even folks who spend more time installing and configuring games than playing them, like me.

(h/t to the Way of Shum for pointing my nose in the direction of this bundle) 


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