Mysterious "smiling" lady at Land Between the Lakes

By Jeremy D. Wells

Those familiar with Land Between the Lakes, in western Kentucky, have probably heard some creepy tales from the area. Dogman reports, in particular, are especially prevalent in the park. They’re even the subject of an upcoming film from Small Town Monsters  Dogman Territory: Werewolves in the Land Between the Lake.

But not everything strange in this national recreation area is a toothy, slavering beast. Some things are much more subtle, and much more terrifying.

Writing in to Lon Strickler, at his Phantoms and Monsters website, one reader recounted a tale that took place 20 years ago, when they were only 17 years old.

The reader had accompanied his father on a bow hunting trip into the park during the early autumn, intent on relaxing, maybe catching up on some reading, and just enjoying the natural beauty of the area. As he walked through the woods that morning, something he had done on many occasions, enjoying the sights and smells of the season, he heard a disturbance that drew his attention, and made him feel scared. Then the noise stopped. Not only the noise of the disturbance, but nearly all noise. It was then that he noticed a figure standing in the distance. Though he couldn’t make it out clearly, he said he had the distinct impression that the figure was female. He also felt like he wanted to follow it. The calm he felt was, he later realized, as unnatural as the lack of sound. But in the moment he only wanted to move towards her. Maybe, he reasoned, she would have heard the sound too. Maybe she would know what it was.

But as he moved toward her, though she moved away at what appeared to be a normal walking pace, she broadened the distance between them as though she was running. 
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