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Mark of the Bell Witch: Small Town Monsters film explores legend

  The Small Town Monsters films are all treats. Director, writer and producer Seth Breedlove has made some spectacular films on a wide range of topics, from Bigfoot ( The Minerva Monster , Beast of Whitehall ) to Mothman ( The Mothman of Point Pleasant, the Mothman Legacy ) to crashed and recovered UFOs ( Invasion on Chestnut Ridge, the Flatwoods Monster ) to werewolves ( The Bray Road Beast ). Along the way we’ve been able to watch Breedlove grow as not only a filmmaker, but as a storyteller as well, experimenting with different cinematic techniques and styles. In Momo the Missouri Monste r, for instance, he worked at creating a less documentary style, casting longtime collaborator and narrator Lyle Blackburn as the fictional host of a late night B-movie monster series presenting the dramatized story of the Momo phenomenon, to entertaining but mixed effect.  With his most recent Kickstarter project, featuring the recently released Mothman Legacy and the soon-to-be-released Mark of t

Northern Kentucky UFO sightings?

 Big Bone residents share photos of strange lights in the sky (originally published in 2018) Joan (not her real name) claims that something weird is happening on her property near Big Bone in northern Kentucky. The fifty-nine-year-old witness says that, for the last two years, she has been seeing lights in the sky around her home, which borders Big Bone Lick State Park, and she isn't alone. Her husband, nephew, niece, and a neighbor have all seen them too, and they have photos to back up their sightings. It all started with her neighbor. She lives alone, with a large dog, and during the summer of 2016 the dog began going berserk at night. He would bark loudly at something in the dark, but when her neighbor would look out, she saw nothing. A university was conducting digs in the nearby state park, Joan explained, and at first her neighbor thought it might be their activity riling up the dog. To make sure, however, that no one was trespassing on her land, she set up trail cameras on