More free games! (GTA V and NinjaGo)

Free PC game
If you didn't know already (I didn't until recently*), Epic Games has been giving away a LOT of free games since opening their online store. Their most recent offering, available now through May 21, is the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto V. The PC version of the game – the version offered for free – has been a fan favorite, thanks in part to some amazing mods (if you don't know, Google "GTA V whale", and "GTA V cat gun") and has a Metacritic score of 96, with a user score of 7.8. That means people like it. In fact, the giveaway garnered enough attention that demand for the game took the store down for a little while on Thursday when the game was first listed for free download.

Pick up GTA V for PC, for free, now through May 21, when a new mystery game will unlock.

GTA V has an ESRB rating of Mature, for players 17 and older, so it isn't one you are going to want to set the kids loose with on the laptop, but if you've been interested in checking the game out and hadn't yet, now is a good time to do so. Be sure to check back to the Epic Store as well. They have another game unlocking after the GTA offer ends, and it will be interesting to see what comes next. 

Free PS4 and Xbox One game
You may not know NinjaGo,
but your kids do.
If you want something you can play with your kids, and you have a PS4 (or Xbox One), Sony (and Microsoft) and Warner Bros. are offering one of their Lego themed games, Lego NinjaGo Movie video game, for free for a limited time as well. The game supports up to four players, in the type of fun, relaxed – but challenging – co-op game play that have gained the Lego games their following. (Full disclosure, my step-son is a big fan, they've all been played a lot in our home.) The sense of humor is irreverent and inoffensive, with jokes for the kids and the grown ups alike, and lots of nods, winks and easter eggs for fans of the franchise they are featuring. While the Lego games usually feature characters from different pop culture universes – like the Lord of the Rings, DC and Marvel super heroes, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. – NinjaGo is a Lego universe of its own. It's the kind of thing that a lot of middle aged men, like myself, wouldn't know about at all if we didn't have kids at the perfect age at the perfect time to become completely enamored with their cartoon show and toy sets. What NinjaGo lacks in a connection to an existing franchise grown ups might already be familiar with, it makes up for in that trademark Lego humor, and decent storytelling. But, for me, this wasn't a game I downloaded for myself. I downloaded it for the kids. With side-by-side co-op an increasingly rare experience in modern gaming, the ability to sit on the couch with your kid and play a game together is worth dedicating the minimal hard drive space (21 GB) to. 
While the game page says you can play four player co-op, that's apparently only in "battle mode." While playing the story campaign co-op appears to be limited to two players. Still, if you have two or more kids at home and want a game a couple of them can play together, or, like me, you are looking forward to the bonding time together working through a campaign, you can't beat the game at this price.
And, it's an especially nice freebie considering the lackluster offerings for PS+ subscribers this month. At least the NinjaGo game is something that will eventually get played in my home.
UPDATE: This game is also apparently available for free on the Xbox One marketplace. Nintendo is not offering the game for free on their store, where the Nintendo Switch version is still priced at $49.99.  

More PC Games
And don't forget that, if you hurry, Aegis Defenders is also still available for free from Humble Bundle when you visit their website and click the link. If you haven't already signed up for their newsletter you will be prompted to do so. If you already have an account, simply sign in and click the link to claim your Steam key.

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*Thanks Shum!


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